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Pet visiting service launched in Caboolture

Lonely, ill and depressed people in the Caboolture area have been thrown a new lifeline with the launch of a pet visiting service by Corinna Deveth and her hound Holly.

“Pets have been loyal friends and partners of mankind since time immemorial and the positive effects of interacting with them are now being recognised to the extent that they are being used for rehabilitating inmates of prisons in the USA and even in Brisbane where the Mater hospital is running Pet Visiting and Pet Therapy programs,” said Ms Deveth.

She said research showed clearly that the opportunity to interact with a pet had a beneficial effect on people and even short regular sessions could do a great deal to improve the quality of life for people not able to be full-time pet owners. This phenomenon is explained, she believes, by the fact that interacting with a pet boosts the levels of the ‘feel-good’ hormone oxytocin in the body.

Benefits associated with pet visits include reduced stress, blood pressure, pain and anxiety and in improvements in mood and outlook. Ms Deveth said her and Holly’s visits gave their clients something to look forward to and that they were always greeted on arrival with big smiles.

“Arf, arf!” Holly agreed.

Ms Deveth is a highly experienced animal handler while Holly is a registered and trained therapy dog. The pair is offering a cost-effective service in the region and will visit people of all ages in their homes or in retirement complexes, nursing homes and schools.

Clients will have the opportunity to pet, play fetch or walk with Holly and Ms Deveth will be more than happy to answer questions and advise on the care and handling of our canine friends.


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  • Customer: Cori’s Pet Therapy
  • Project year: 2016