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Managing your investment properties as if they were my own

Point of Difference Properties is a boutique business offering a full-service rental property management service in the Redland City area. The business was founded by real estate professional Kerry Elliot to bring a new level of personalised service to rental property owners in her area.

“I’m focused on becoming the go-to rental property management specialist in the Redlands and in building productive relationships with a select list of clients and suppliers in the area. My promise to clients is that I will look after their investment properties as if they were my own and that they will never be just numbers to me. I’m devoted to my family, friends and my local community and determined to deliver maximum value to my clients.” – Kerry Elliot.


  • Marketing your property
  • Detailed screening of prospective tenants
  • Detailed entry and exit reports
  • Regular and thorough inspections
  • Maintenance completed by licensed and skilled tradespeople
  • Regular statements and payments direct into your bank account


I am a fully licensed Real Estate Agent and a member of the REIQ (Real Estate Institute of Qld). I am committed to keeping abreast of all the latest developments in the rental property market including changes to applicable legislation.


Kerry is a complete professional and has a very high customer service focus

I engaged Kerry to take over the property management of my investment property at Camp Hill in November 2015. She managed the transition from the old property manager with ease and also organised inspections with the current tenants so I could assess the current state of the property. It was identified at this inspection that we needed a new fence & Kerry facilitated meeting the contractors on-site for the quote & start of work.

Kerry has now also been able to secure new tenants in March 2016 for a 2 year lease. I have been highly impressed with Kerry’s service, knowledge and professionalism and I would recommend her service to anyone who is looking for a new Property Manager who will help you maintain your asset. Kerry, you are very professional and therefore you are already streets ahead of the rest. That is your Point of Difference   –  Melanie W.

We got our bond back the next day

Kerry is a wonderful property manager. She is knowledgeable, objective, efficient and very pleasant to work with. She gave me sound advice so that we were able to get our bond refund back on a timely basis [from another property manager] with minimal heartache. I highly recommend her services.  –  Lisa S.

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  • Skills needed: Writing, interviewing, client liasion
  • Customer: Point of Difference Properties
  • Project date: 2016
  • Website: http://pointproperties.com.au/

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View my my actual submission (PDF) and then to get an idea of how much I was able to help Patrick, the actual text he handed me at our initial meeting.

SpotOn Quality Assurance Systems

Hospitality • Tourism • Food production

 “An expertly implemented Quality Assurance System can save the owners and managers of hospitality, tourism and food production businesses up to 50% of their time spent dealing with staff issues, increase customer satisfaction and save on costs through increased efficiencies.” – Patrick Amrein, CEO SpotOn Solutions.

Quality Assurance is at the core of successful and streamlined businesses and many business owners see its value but don’t want to retain one of the QA giants because of the very high costs, administrative burden and need for extensive staff involvement. SpotOn’s Patrick Amrein can provide a cost-effective Quality Assurance package including analysis of your existing workflow to identify areas for improvement, the design of a sustainable Quality Assurance solution, the training of key staff in the new streamlined procedures and ongoing Quality Audits.

SpotOn services

  • Initial workflow analysis and audit to determine the procedures being used and the current Quality levels being attained by your business.
  • Design and production of Standard Operating Procedure-Manuals [SOP] describing your procedures and processes in detail – based on the most thorough Quality Assurance System in the world; ISO:9001-2015.
  • Production of in-house training manuals and posters illustrating your procedures and standards.
  • Induction materials prepared in print and/or electronic formats to quickly introduce new employees to your systems and expectations.
  • Training of key-personnel in Quality Assurance, leadership and in implementing a mentor system for new employees in your business. This should ideally include face-to-face training and company-specific electronic online short courses [10min], designed to refresh and update employee’s knowledge on standards, procedures and processes.
  • HR-Mediation because reducing staff turnover and retaining trained and experienced staff pays off with less time spent on training new personnel.
  • Quality Assurance Progress Audits conducted on a regular basis un-announced help you keep your finger on the pulse of your business and determine how your staff are shaping up in relation to your the standards set for the business.
  • Monthly subscription service takes care of your QA maintenance needs, covering minor updates and adjustments on the module/s and consequent training for your staff. This provides big savings to you and avoids the expensive pitfalls of traditional QA management services.

SpotOn Quality Assurance products are tailor-made for your business and modular so that, as with children’s building blocks, they can be neatly arranged in whatever form suits your current and future business. The beauty of the system is that you only pay for what you need.

Quality benefits your business

SpotOn Quality Assurance products will benefit your business by:

  • Increasing the number of customers who return.
  • Increasing free word-of-mouth marketing from satisfied customers
  • Higher staff retention through less job ambiguity
  • Higher net-profit by eliminating costly faults
  • More free time at hand through less fault fixing
  • Boosting business performance through streamlining processes
  • Bringing increased recognition from critical clients, banks and suppliers

About Patrick Amrein

I was born, raised and trained as chef in Switzerland which provided me with a deep understanding of the operations side of the food and hospitality industries and in designing and implementing quality assurance systems for those industries. This together with decades of international experience in Training and Quality Assurance for multiple clients has empowered me to be able to provide service which will be a game-changer in the operations management of your business.

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  • Skills needed: Interviewing, Writing
  • Customer: SpotOn Quality Systems
  • Project Year: 2016
  • Website: http://spotonsolutions.com.au/