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  • Bike broken down? Call John 24×7 on 0421 399 671


  • Bike need towing? Call John 24×7 on 0421 399 671


“Motorcycle riders often have to wait for a long periods at the roadside for their bikes to be recovered after a breakdown or accident.  I started R.J. Motorcycle Towing & Support to provide a quick recovery service for the community. Having been on the side of the road myself a couple of times, I know what it’s like not having someone to call to get home. ” – Renton John Eschbank.

What we are

R.J. Motorcycle Towing & Support is a Brisbane-based business dedicated to serving the motorcycle community through a variety of services including the recovery of motorcycles stranded on the roadside after breakdown or accident or moving them from one location to another for whatever reason.


  • Roadside recovery and towing – we can get you home again at low affordable rates.
  • Business to business – we can transport up three bikes from one shop to another.
  • For a service – we can pick your bike up from your workplace or home, take it to your service centre of choice and, when the work is complete, deliver it back to you.
  • To the bush – we can take you and two mates and your off-road bikes out into the bush and pick you up later at a pre-arranged spot.
  • Rally Support Program – you get the full use of R.J. Motorcycle Towing & Support on your rally or breakfast run. We provide a fully stocked first aid kit, an emergency fire extinguisher, our motorcycle trailer, 20L emergency fuel, a selection of tools you can use to maintain your motorcycle, the use of an esky and extra space for gear in the our ute.

About John Eschbank

My passion is motorcycles and all in all I’ve owned more than 12 of them since I was 14 years old when I brought an old 1979 100cc Yamaha. It was a bit rough around the edges but it worked and cost me only $100. I can’t remember all the bikes I’ve owned but I now have a 2003 Honda VT 750cc Shadow.

Five years ago I met Racheal my current partner five years ago and she has been supportive of everything that I have tried to do for our family and of my love of motorcycles and the motorcycle community as well.

Racheal has been the rock when I have let things get to me and she is the one who has been the driving force and kept me on track in the past 12 months of while we planned to launch R.J. Motorcycle towing and support.

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  • Customer: R.J. Motorcycle Towing & Support
  • Project date: 2016
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