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With the rise of the Internet more and business people have had to become publishers of websites, social media posts, email marketing campaigns and press releases. Modern business now depends more than ever on writing to sell themselves and to increase their visibility on search engines.

There are strategies to increase an organisation’s online visibility but search engines are giving the greatest preference to sites and profiles which are regularly updated with fresh content. Your potential clients will also be more impressed by your websites or social media profiles if they show signs of activity and provide useful information.

There are two problems with creating a stream of fresh written content:

  • Writing clear and engaging copy is quite a rare skill and many business people don’t have the time to do so even if they can write effectively.
  • Many people get stuck for inspiration and find it hard to decide what to write about.

“We won’t let Google forget you!”

Allan Jackson Communications has nearly 30 years of experience in journalism and public relations and we can help you to identify your story and tell it in a way that you and your target audience will love. We have helped hundreds of organisations to get their messages across and can do the same for you.

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