D90 Rocks!!

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I went the el-cheapo Sunday afternoon matinee at the Barnyard Theatre at Gateway Centre in Durban, to see the show Rock Circus. The show was great but what made it even better for me was that the theatre management don’t mind you taking photos during performances, so long as you don’t use flash.


Took a while

It took a while to get round to processing the pictures from a shoot during which I wasn’t thinking all that clearly. (See Doofus) I did have a very high discard rate but there were a few decent pictures as well, thank goodness.

The one of Mieke, above, is one that pleases me a lot. It was pretty chilly and the poor girl’s hands were turning blue, so I did what every self-respecting photographer would have done; I converted to black and white.  😉

There are already more pictures from that shoot in my Model Shoot Set on Flickr, and I will be adding a few more in the near future.


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Just when I thought I had got this Strobist off-camera flash thing taped, I managed to totally mess up a shoot. Our camera club had organised a model shoot with three gorgeous models but it rained and we had a sudden change of venue and a lot less light than expected.

A few of us Nikon shooters decided to practice our skills with off-camera flash and Nikon’s Creative Lighting System. We got everything set up quickly and were snapping away at a great rate, swapping models and poses and having a great time.


Creative lighting

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hands-onA couple of weeks ago, an interesting parcel arrived for me containing a couple of items that I had ordered from the USA-based Camera Books. The parcel caused a great deal of merriment in the post office when it was noticed that it had been posted from Horny Hollow on the Crooked River Ranch. Camera Books’ Petra Kellers later wrote to me that her business is indeed based in Horny Hollow, and that the Crooked River Ranch had been a working ranch until the 1970s. It seems that the cowboys lived in the Horny Hollow area, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how it got its name.

One of the items in the parcel was a DVD produced by the Nikon School, called Hands-on Guide to Creative Lighting, which is presented by Bob Krist, who I hadn’t heard of before, and Joe McNally, who I had. The whole rationale behind the Creative Lighting DVD is to show how to get the best out of Nikon’s Creative Lighting System, which includes their various speedlights and the means to control them remotely. As mentioned in a previous post, I had already started going down the off-camera flash road, thanks to David Hobby’s Strobist website. David concentrates on using manually-adjusted flashes but, through his site, I got to hear of the Krist and McNally DVD. Continued