Get off of my (Joli) cloud

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This is going to be a bit of a weird column, some might say they all are, because I haven’t got anything to write about.

Most columnists get to this point sooner or later, and usually plug the gap by writing a column about how they got into that situation. It’s a noble tradition and whom am I to change it.

The thing is that I had been planning to install and review a free new operating system, Jolicloud, but when I sat down at the usual time of the week to do this column, Jolicloud stubbornly refused to start.


Polishing the chrome

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One minute I was a committed user of Firefox web browser, and a minute later, I wasn’t.

I had used Firefox for a couple of years and, although I was pretty happy with it, there were occasional feelings of discontent when it would install an upgrade and disable add-ons I had carefully installed.

I gave Google’s Chrome browser a try when it first came out, and I had a brief flirtation with Opera, but neither of those tempted too me much. Many of the features of Chrome had not been implemented in that early version, and Opera, although very slick and capable, would not import my browsing history and passwords from the websites I visit regularly.