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I have more 25 years of experience in various aspects of media including journalism and public relations consultancy. My wide-ranging set of skills are on offer in Brisbane and across the region and these include:

  • Writing and editing copy for any purpose including press releases, articles and social media posts
  • Production of print and electronic publications
  • Website development and implementation
  • Communications consultancy
  • Image manipulation and processing
  • WordPress, Photoshop and InDesign training

My experience includes:

  • Editing and writing articles  for industrial newspapers.
  • Writing a popular long-running weekly computer/online column for the Sunday Tribune in Durban.
  • Writing features & stories on many different subjects.
  • Providing Public Relations services to different organisations.
  • Being responsible for all aspects of the production of a company newsletter, including layout and liaison with the printer.
  • Doing a considerable amount of photography for clients including shoots in support of stories written and press releases produced.
  • Writing, publishing and distributing a successful book of historical snippets on Durban.

In addition to my core activities and skills, I have also:

  • Gained an extensive knowledge of currently-available software and hardware through my computer column. I am regularly asked by friends and relatives to provide advice and support on these matters and have occasionally conducted more formal training sessions.
  • My enthusiasm for photography has led me to become an expert in digital imagery and the use of Photoshop and Lightroom, among other packages, for image manipulation and retouching. I have spoken on these subjects (and on photography in general) at my former camera club.
  • Created and hosted a number of websites and, in the process, gained expertise in HTML, very basic ASP coding and the use of Dreamweaver and WordPress.
  • Acquired considerable experience in public speaking at training sessions I have delivered through requests for talks received as a result of my book, Facts About Durban, and speaking at, and running camera club meetings.

See the Tear Sheets page on this site for samples of my work.

My Resume and written references are available on request.